We Love Yew

This is a straight-edged yew table with matching benches that was made on commission. The legs are our favourite design, made from beech. The wavy-edge joins help to accentuate the sapwood giving it those striking pale stripes amongst the richer colours of the yew.

This table & benches sold for £6,000.


A yew side table with beech legs and a yew stringer. This table is a whopping 2.55m long and is a beautiful side board... or surf board! This table is currently for sale to either a surfing champion or an ironing champion.


Steve's First Table

Steve is our CNC guru and master-craftsman in the making. This oak coffee table is his first and it has a few hidden secrets. The top is attached to the legs using a Japanese joint that doesn't need glue. The stringer is also attached without glue, by using wedges.

We can make tables like these for £1,500

Sitting Pretty

This is a burr oak table in a customer's dining room.

This table sold for £4,750

Walnut Table

This table is made from walnut, with one 'bow' in to keep the end from splitting. It has poplar legs, giving a great contrast with the walnut top.



A burr oak table for a customer with our signature legs also in oak. We have more planks from this tree so it's possible to make another table that is very similar.

Tables like these are £4,750 - £5,750 depending on the size of the top.