We didn't set out to have a business making nice things

We were surprised, flattered and delighted that people admired what we did and even more so when they bought our wares. We made best endeavours to work out what it was that makes the difference. We concluded that we simply did what we thought the wood had asked for.

We love making beautiful things and making beautiful things can be difficult. That requires precision, care and attention to detail. We love technology and are passionate about architecture, art and form. Life is nothing without art. Art in all its forms very quickly becomes the purpose of life. Happiness is the realisation that one can live in the present, content with one’s art.

We are primarily engineers, Steve is an out and out fetishistic precision engineer who’s spent his working career at the helm of complex CNC machinery. Don has spent a lifetime in engineering and developed a passion for all sorts of crazy ideas, over seven different careers and numerous hobbies. The restoration of Flitwick Mill is the culmination of a life in engineering and personal coaching.

The crux of the matter is that we can make things that were probably nigh on impossible until recently. We can take what might be a slightly crazy concept and imagine it into reality by using the best technology informed by a life of artistic appreciation culled from travel, music, art galleries and architecture. We bring eight careers together and have fun.