Flitwick Mill

Telling the Story

This book tells the story of the journey of this building from a derelict ruin to a characterful home powered by its own working waterwheel.

The Domesday Book

One of 6 mills on the river Flit, the mill was originally built by the Monks of Dunstable Priory. Records show a mill on this site since the 1085 Domesday.

Dip into the history

Crown Wheel

The crown wheel is a horizontally mounted wheel on the first floor, the 'stone floor'. It is connected via an upright shaft from the great spur wheel on the ground floor. The crown wheel drives a shaft on the first floor from which a number of belts were used to drive machines such as the bolder, corn cake crusher, oat-roller and extractor fan.

Brush up on milling terms

First Floor Bannisters

June 19, 2020

View down the stairs from the first floor

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Flitwick Mill Furniture

Now that the restoration is complete, Don and Steve use the workshop to make tables.